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If you are looking for a way to spice up your hairstyle, one bold and brazen trend to try is to go blond.
Recently, at every star-studded party and red carpet affair, we have seen the hottest African-American celebrities go glam in blond.
Actually we have seen this look take over the fashion world for a few months now and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.
It is easy to guess why this look has become an A-lister’s favorite among women of color. For one, it's bold, yet chic and elegant.
We, at Hottipsfashion,LLC, just love  the versatility that blonde hair color gives women of all races, and we have  asked ourselves why stick with just dark conventional hair colors in our full lace wig collection, when women can fabulously rock blonde?
That's exactly  the mantra that many stars such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and Mary J. Blige to name a few, live by lately, as they effortlessly switch their hair color from dark brown or even black to any shade of blond and back again.

Truly there is something seductive about blond hair. They can be fun, flirty, romantic,classy, beach like with an air of  carefree vacation, and are perfect for either  a hot night out or a red carpet affair.

Some of our favorite celebs have been rather smitten with the sexy blond style lately — like LaLa Vasquez, who looked flawless in slightly wavy two-toned blond strands at the GLAAD Media Awards, and Ciara, who flaunted über-glam, bright blonde waves at a Valentino flagship store opening in Beverly Hills, CA
Women of color or black women who sported blonde hair, include Naomi Campbell, Eve, lil Kim, Keisha Cole, Tyra Banks, Keri Hilson, Christina Milian, Wendy Williams and Cassandra Wilson, to name a few.
Take a look at these over-the-top celebs that are taking their hair to new stunning hairtyles in blond and take your own hairstyle to new heights with celeb-inspired blonde hairstyles
Rock a sexy blonde hairstyle and get one of these celeb-inspired blonde hairstyles full lace wigs now!

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Quality Cheap Full Lace Wigs & Celebrity Hairstyles

Beyonce Full Lace WigsAt Full Lace Wigs by Hot Tips Fashion, we are totally dedicated to get you the glamorous look and hairstlyes you have always desired – at a discount price you can actually afford!

Gorgeous hair and celebrity hairsytles are no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and the famous; it is now available for everyone to have.

It’s called a Full Lace Wig

( To get an idea of how natural our human hair lace wigs appear, view just some of our satisfied clients who have sent in their own actual full lace wig photos )

Many of our full lace wigs are the type you see on celebrities, movie stars and the runway models.

Full lace Wig Hair Styles of  Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Simpson Halle Berry, Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie and Alicia Key Hairstyles, are just a few of the  Celebrity Full Lace Wigs that we carry

Now you too, can have beautiful and perfect hair days without all the work and hassle.

Nicole Scherzinger Full Lace WigsWe, at Full Lace Wigs by Hottipsfashion,are specialized in professionally well crafted designed  lace wigs at an affordable price, in fact we also carry a large line of  high quality in stock discount full lace wigs.

Our  full lace wigs can be created specifically for you, tailored to fit your head measurements, and made to your custom specifications and hairstyle desires. We offer most of our customization features at NO EXTRA CHARGE, including; lace wigs with baby hair, bleached knots, two tone wigs, streaked highlights, and heavy density wigs. Our wigs are available in almost all hair colors and textures including; Kinky curly, Yaki, Deep Wave, Yaki Straight, Body Wave, Yaki Wavy, Afro Curl, Loose Curl, Soft waves hair styles/patterns and also Indian Virgin, Indian Remy, Brazilian, Chinese, European, Malaysian hair textures and more. Hair lenghts are available from 8  to 36 inches. We are currently offering free shipping on lace wigs, and rush delivery is also available. Additional custom order features are also available on many of our full lace wigs.

We are pleased to offer you every so often the full lace wigs featured below, for a limited time only, at huge discounted prices !!!

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We provide the same excellent quality full lace wigs, as any other top wig companies (that will try to sell the exact same lace wigs, for up to a thousand dollars or more) but you will find our high quality yet cheap full lace wigs ranging from as cheap as only $219  to $ 599 maximum . You are unlikely to find a cheaper full lace wig with the HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS that we offer!

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We are currently offering many more Full Lace Wigs on Sale

We also offer additional discounts on wholesale wigs for resellers, bulk, and frequent buyers.

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Yes! Hottipsfashion offers many cheap Full Lace Wigs, allowing the average working class woman, the stay at home mom/house wife, as well as the fashion diva, to look their best at all times.We have a full range of Premium in Stock Full Lace wigs, that are pre-made in standard caps sizes and ready to ship,

We also carry an extensive line of celebrity wigs that can be customized in many ways to suit all your exact needs, for that "perfect" fit and personal style, in a fully customized full lace wig

Best Selling Celebrity Full Lace Wigs

Beyonce Wigs
 Halle Berry Wigs
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Alicia Keys Full Lace Wigs
Beyonce Full Lace Wigs Halle Berry Full Lace Wigs Tyra Banks Lace Wigs Alicia Keys Full Lace Wigs
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Maiden - Beyonce Full Lace Wig Hairstyle
Beyonce with Strawberry Highlights
Angelina Jolie Lace Wigs Naomi Campbell Hairstlye Wigs Maiden
Beyonce Full Lace Wig

Our full lace wigs are a  ideal hair replacement solution for women of all walks of life. They are also an excellent solution to common hair loss in women due to, Age, Alopecia or Chemotherapy (Full Cranial Prosthesis wigs).

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Copyright 2008© Full Lace by Hottipsfashion, LLC, All Rights Reserved Fort Mill, SC - USA
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