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Hair highlights are generally chosen in order to either get a hairstyle to standup through hair color  or to brighten up face complexion or even to deepen a  natural hair color tone and add luster before a big event.

Hair highlighting refers to altering the hair main color, using lightener or hair color, to dye hair strands, in order to obtain patterns that range from subtle color tone nuances to strong bold hair streaks.

Depending on one own preference, one can choose to have  a few hair strands, or small hair sections or even chunkier streak areas,  highlighted , for a specific  look. 



Blended highlights.
These 2 colors mixed which each other,will alter the overall look of the hair.
The colors on the unit is a #33 (Light Auburn) and the other color is a #27 (Strawberry Blonde).

Blending two colors together will give you different color completely, as opposed as, STREAKS, which will just add bold (spot) highlights.
The mix color density that selected will determine the percentage of mix color(s) added to the base color.

How are blended highlights done?
Each chosen color for the blend is alternate on every second hair strand.


These highlights are called streaks.
These will just add spots of color throughout the unit.
The base color of the unit is a #1b (Off-Black), the second color added is the color #30 (Light Auburn) and the third color added is the color #27 (Strawberry Blonde)

Adding streaks will not alter the overall color of the hair.

How are streaked highlights done?
Small circles of the chosen highlight color are ventilated onto the cap, in order to create a pack of streaked hair strands, rather than a blend.


These are two-tone colored hair
The roots of the hair are one color (color #1B,Off Black), and the hair shaft is a different color (color # 30, Dark Auburn) .

Use chart below to picture the areas where you want blended highlights, streaks or two-tone coloring when filling out your order form for custom hair units.

4 offers HIGHLIGHTS as a FREE OPTION on custom full lace wigs and lace wig units.

Should you have any question(s) about color combinations, please email us at:, or call our customer support service department at: 1-866-478-0931

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