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What is a Online Layaway payment plan & why is  it a great payment solution?


Putting items on layaway is a popular way to pay for items when one might not have the money in hand .

Instead of using a credit card, one usually pay a small percentage of the total purchase price up front, sometimes  along with a small processing fee. The payments are usually arranged monthly, and interest-free.


Given a struggling economy and the increasing numbers of consumers who are over their heads in credit card debt, layaway is an attractive means to spend responsibly, and at less overall financing cost.

Nowadays a growing number of people prefer to shop via the internet but are averse to create debt with credit cards and may not have sufficient cash or liquid reserves to pay for a particular target of purchase. 

Buying items on layaway via the Internet, also known as electronic layaway is an ideal solution. 

So, if you want to ease your budget a little, try our online layaway option, a new feature that is gaining traction in our struggling economy



Our Online Layaway Option is a convenient way to purchase the items you want   from our online store without breaking your budget with an easy payment solution.


It's really quite simple. Place your order including your chosen shipping method.

At check out, choose the FREE online layaway plan option, register (click here), fill out the form and make a payment of $50 or more. 

You have 90 days (about 3 months) to pay your order in full, as you make payments that fit your budget at your convenience.  

Once your order is paid in full, it will be automatically processed  within the next 48hours. 

It's easy, convenient and does not charge any prepayment penalty, interest or fees!* 

* does not assess interest charges or transaction fees on their online layaway plan. 

*However use of a credit card for our Online Layaway options may result in interest charges in accordance with the normal terms and conditions of your individual credit card agreements. 

All transactions, except money orders, are carried out by our credit processing servicer. We do not store any credit/debit card account information. All said information is processed and encrypted by the processing service according to US Federal Laws*. 

*Online Layaway EZ is a payment option offered by Our online layaway is available with all major credit cards, certified checks and money orders. 

*Free online Layaway transactions. ZERO transaction fees on all Online Layaway EZ purchases.  





2.   I submitted an email about your layaway plan option but haven't heard anything back?

3.   Can I cancel my layaway plan?

4.   How many payments do I have to make?

5.   What is an online layaway plan?

6.   Is shipping included?

7.   What is the online layaway option?

8.   What is my account number?

9.   I would like to mail my payment....what is your mailing address?

10. What is the Return Policy?

11. I need additional help, who should I contact?

12. Can I cancel the layaway plan option?

13. What are my payment options?

14. Can I make a FULL payment for my layaway plan at any time?

15. Is there a minimum payment amount that I must submit?

16.            How long do I have to complete my layaway plan?


When will my order be shipped?

On average orders are prcessed within the next 48 hours after your final payment has been submitted and accepted. You will receive an email from our Customer Service Department (with your tracking number if applicable).

I submitted an email about the layaway option but haven't heard back?

Our Customer Service Department goal is to answer all email inquiries within 24-48 hours. If you did not get a response before then make sure that our email did not go to your Junk Mail Filter.

How do I submit a payment online?

a)-  Choose your product(s)

b)-  click on tab LAYAWAY PAYMENT HERE *

c)-  LOGIN* or REGISTER* if you are a new user


e)- Enter chosen amount. ($50 minimum required)

f)- Enter the SKU or Product Name you wish to purchase

g)- FILL OUT FORM (name,addresse, email,phone,credit card number)

h)- Click on the tab: SUBMIT

* Click on highlighted words


Can I cancel my order with a layaway plan?

Yes. However there will be 20% of your initial order charged as restocking/processing fee for ALL layaway plans that are cancelled after 48 hours. No exceptions

Refunds are processed  within 2-4 weeks the same way your payment(s) were made To cancel your layaway plan, email our accounting department at:  to request an order and layaway cancellation.

How many payments do I have to make?

All layaway plans are for a maximum of 4 months.  A payment has to be made at least once a month to keep your layaway plan active and current. There is no pre-payment penalty for completing your layaway payment plan early.

What exactly is your online layaway plan option?

Our online layaway plan option was formatted to offer   customers an easy method of payment without the traditional rules of credit It is a viable alternative to customers who don't have access to credit cards and customers who are on a tight budget. At, we aim to provide anyone, regardless of their household income or credit status, with a broad choice of high quality products at affordable prices.


Is shipping included?

No shipping is NOT included .We will ship your item(s) with the method of shipping you chose for your order.


What is online layaway?

Online Layaway is an online payment plan designed for customers who want to buy our products without using credit or paying the full price immediately. Online layaway is different from credit purchases. When you buy on credit, you take the merchandise before you pay. Credit also involves extra charges such as interest charges and other fees. When you use a online layaway plan, you pay your order in full, through convenient installments chosen by you, before getting the goods and there are no, additional charges.

What is my account number for my layaway plan?

Your account number is your email address. When submitting any request to our Customer Service Department, please use the same email address used for your shipping.

I would like to mail my payment....what is your mailing address?

ATTN: Accounting Department

Hottipsfashion, LLC

Smythe Road

Fort Mill, Sc 29715


What is the Return Policy?

See our full return policy at: http//

Understand that you will be bound by said policies and any and all charges that you, the customer, may incur by not following our return policy completely.


Can I cancel the layaway option plan ?

Yes you can cancel the layaway option plan within 48 hours of the time you entered that option in our system. Cancellation after 48 hours will be subject to a 20% restocking fee from your initial order. 
Contact and request the order and the layaway payment plan to be canceled with no penalty.

What are my payment options?

Currently, we accept payments via all major credit cards (Visa, Master Cards, Discover, and American Express). Should you wish to pay by mailed certified check or money order, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Can I make a FULL payment ?

Yes. You can make a full payment at any time, without any prepayment penalty.


Is there a minimum payment amount that I must submit?

When submitting an online payment for your layaway plan, the minimum amount submitted must be at least $50. Should  you wish to submit a payment lower than $50, please contact our Customer Service Department for an A.N (authorization number)


How long do I have to complete my layaway payment plan? 

All layaway plans should be completed within 90 days. Layaway plans that are still pending after 90 days will be subject to a $35 penalty every 30 days. Layaway plans that are not paid in full within 180 days will be canceled and all paid monies will be refunded in full, minus the occurred penalties, and $35 processing fees. Should the said penalties and processing fees be higher than the already paid monies, the customer is to pay the difference in order to fulfill his layaway plan obligations. 

I need additional help, who should I contact?

 For support 24 hours a day, please email the support team at: or call 1(866) 478-0931, Mo-Sat, 11.30 am-7.30pm, Eastern Time




All transactions, except money orders, are carried out by our credit processing service. We do not store any credit/debit card account information. All said information is processed and encrypted by the processing servicer.






Call Toll free with any questions or ordering assistance at
or Email

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