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What is a full lace wig with bangs?

A full lace wig with bangs or a lace wig with bangs is a lace hair unit hairstyle that has hair cut from the front in a way that it covers the forehead of its wearer.

Bangs can be cut anything from two strands of hair to covering your whole forehead. It's a question of preference.

Bangs come in many different lengths and forms and can be created to scale from long to short, side-swept to full frontal blunt or a variety in-between.

When bangs are ear length and swing to toward the temples, they are called sideswept bangs.

The main thing to remember about lace wigs with a  bang hairstyle is the fact that they must fit specific face shapes in order to make the wearer look best.

For example bangs with a short bob hairstyle will suit square and oval shaped faces best.  However If one has a very round face, the hair of a lace wig with bangs should be kept longer than chin length, and a little longer at the nape of the neck, to create a balanced look. Long bangs are ideal for people with a bit larger forehad or for heart shape faces.

Bangs with a short bob hairstyle is ideal for straight hair whether the hair texture in Silky straight or Yaki Straight. To achieve that gamine, face-hugging effect, the longest length of a piece of hair should be cut about one inch above the chin.

Bangs are a great way to update your look. They can be worn to minimize large foreheads, help control annoying cowlicks or disguise forehead lines. They also work in harmony with a wide range of hair accessories from headbands to clips. 

Bangs can bring a fresh style to your old look and the right bangs can transform your face, minimizing a slightly high forehead, camouflaging crow's-feet, bringing out your cheekbones, accenting your eye and add some pizzazz to your current hairstyle altogether.

Whether you like short, medium or long hairs, a full lace wig with bangs may be something to take in consideration.

There are different types of bangs hairstyles. Keep in mind that certain factors, such as hair texture and face shape, and even age can help determine what bangs hairstyle will be the right choice.

Currently, the most popular type of bangs is the side-swept bangs. They are often very light and wispy. Celebrities that are often seen sporting side-swept bangs include Nicole Scherzinger and Jessica Simpson. This type of bangs hairstyle works great on any face shape but tends to work best with oval or heart shaped faces.

The straight fringe and the fringe bangs that form an upside down "u" -- longer on the sides than in the middle  are other very popular type of bangs hairstyle. They are bangs that go across the entire forehead, in  a fringe form. Celebrities that often wear this bangs hairstyle include Olivia Wilde, Janet Jackson and Rihanna.

Angled bangs, not to be confused with side swept bangs, are created when the bangs are cut in an angle on one's face sides. They are generally cut thicker, though they can also be on the wispier side. Celebrities that often wear angled bangs occasionally include Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson. Angled bangs works wonderful on any hair type, but tends to look best on people with oval or heart shaped faces.

Shaggy bangs are somewhat like the straight bang, except they are not cut straight across the forehead. Instead, they tend to be cut at several different angles, hence the shaggier appearance. Celebrities that have been sporting shaggy bangs hairstyle include Heather Locklear and Tyra Banks on occasion. The shaggy fringe looks great on almost anyone and tends to work best with fine to medium thick hair textures.

Curly hairstyles with bangs are the latest hairstyles in fashion. They give an elegant look to curly hair, making the wearer look special. This hairstyle is very versatile and goes from sporty to red carpet evening.

The good news is that no matter what type of bangs hairstyle you are interested in, there is one that is suitable for you.

Some of the factors that you need to take into consideration deciding which lace wig with bangs hairstyles to pick include the hair texture you like and also your face shape.

More importantly, consider your own personal style and choose a full lace wig with bangs that fits your own life style. Also think about whether you want to add some highlights, which can add even more texture and style to your chosen hairstyle.


               How to cut your own lace wig bangs

If you want bangs on your lace wig, and you do not want to go to the hair salon, you can take matters into your own hands.

 All you need is a pair of sharp scissors, a mirror, and a few minutes, with no distractions. 

Only cut bangs dry, because hair is longer when wet and one often risk cutting too short.

Hold a taut hair portion between your index and middle fingers as you trim in small sections, from one temple to the other. 

Go slowly, in small increments, so that you will not take off too much in a snip.

Do not go shorter than the bridge of your nose because once you release the bangs, the will jump up as much as half an inch.

If your lace wig has curls of any type, make sure that you do not cut the bang too short. Curly hair tends to retract, hence keep the length minimum at your nose bridge.



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Standard Production: 4 weeks
Rush Production: 2.5 weeks at $ 50.00 extra charge.
Super Rush Production: 10 business days at $ 100.00 extra charge.

Please allow three (3) days after completion, for the unit to arrive to our office at Hottipsfashion, LLC you will then receive an End of Production email, notifying you that your order is ready to be shipped.
Your order will be shipped promptly via the delivery method specified on your order form.

Rush Fee Policy: 

At, we try very hard to meet production deadlines; however occasional delays may occur at the factory, which can result in unforeseen longer production times. 
These delays are unintentional and may only result because we always strive for excellence and therefore always make sure that expert craftsmanship goes into the production of each and every hair unit, according to our high standards and our superior quality control, before the custom order leaves the factory.
Should a rush production be delayed more than five (5) business days of the set delivery time, we will automatically deduct the rush production fee from your bill and refund that amount to you. 

Should you have any questions or concerns during the production period, please feel free to contact us at: or

Policies for order form submission(s) and invoice(s):
Should you change your mind once we receive your order form, you have 24 hours to cancel that order in writing either per e-mail at: or 
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