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1” Nano-Silver Curling Iron1” Nano-Silver Curling Iron
2" Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron2" Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron
Barrette Pair  (Black)Barrette Pair (Black)
Barrette Pair  (White)Barrette Pair (White)
Barrette Pair (2pcs) -Black or WhiteBarrette Pair (2pcs) -Black or White
Black & White Hair Clip Pair (2pcs)Black & White Hair Clip Pair (2pcs)
Black & White HeadbandBlack & White Headband
Collapsible Hard Hat DryerCollapsible Hard Hat Dryer
Compact Travel SetterCompact Travel Setter
Cosmetic BagCosmetic Bag
Hair Claw Pair- Small (Black)Hair Claw Pair- Small (Black)
Hair Claw Pair- Small (White)Hair Claw Pair- Small (White)
Instant Heat Curl Press Spiral StylerInstant Heat Curl Press Spiral Styler
Instant Heat Multisized Hot RollersInstant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers
Large Barette - BlackLarge Barette - Black
Large Barette - WhiteLarge Barette - White
Large Paddle BrushLarge Paddle Brush
Leather No-Tug Hair Band (Black)Leather No-Tug Hair Band (Black)
Leather No-Tug Hair Band (Pink)Leather No-Tug Hair Band (Pink)
No-Tug Hair Band -Black or TransparentNo-Tug Hair Band -Black or Transparent
No-Tug Hair Band w/ Svaroski StonesNo-Tug Hair Band w/ Svaroski Stones
No-Tug Hair Scrunchie -BlackNo-Tug Hair Scrunchie -Black
No-Tug Hair Scrunchie -WhiteNo-Tug Hair Scrunchie -White
No-Tug Hair Scrunchie w/ Svarovski StonesNo-Tug Hair Scrunchie w/ Svarovski Stones
Professional Bed Head Deep WaverProfessional Bed Head Deep Waver
Professional Cone Curling WandProfessional Cone Curling Wand
Professional Wet/Dray Straightening Hot Air StylerProfessional Wet/Dray Straightening Hot Air Styler
Round Brush- Various SizesRound Brush- Various Sizes
Small Hair Clips (Black or White)Small Hair Clips (Black or White)
Soft Bonnet DryerSoft Bonnet Dryer
Standard Size Hair Claw w/ Svarovski StonesStandard Size Hair Claw w/ Svarovski Stones
Thick Hair Ion DryerThick Hair Ion Dryer
Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4")Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4")
Tourmaline Ceramic StylerTourmaline Ceramic Styler


Keeping your heat styling tools clean is imperative in order to achieve beautiful hairstyling.

In order to be able to style the hair of your  lace wig and create great hairstyles every time the heat styling hair tools used, must be clean and free from any buildups.
Heat Styling hair tools get coated with sticky substances and regularly collect dirt, hair product residues, hair strands  and even skin particles. This gump can be deposited back onto the hair of your lace wig , if heat styling hair tools are not properly.

Neglecting to clean your hair tools, put you at risk of not getting good results from your heat styling tools, and having a lace wig that have a bad smell and create smoke burn of hair strands. 

Hot styling tools with accumulated build-up can snag and pull at the hair of your lace wig, causing damages that can lead to split ends, severe breakage and excessive shedding.

Build-up from commercial styling products can also transfer to the hair of the lace wig unit, leaving tresses looking dull and lifeless, which in turn rob hair of volume and style ability.

Follow these easy quick tips below, designed to help with heat styling hair tools care and maintenance.

Always clean flat iron or curling iron tongs when the device is unplugged and cool.

Use lukewarm water and a non-abrasive cloth to wipe down the tongs until thoroughly clean.

Then use rubbing alcohol to lift any oil residue and to sanitize your tools making them germ free. However make sure to follow up with a wet cloth to remove all alcohol deposits.

Simply saturate a cotton ball or the corner of a washcloth with rubbing alcohol and thoroughly wipe the metal or ceramic surfaces of the curling or flat iron. This will remove some build-up and loosen up the rest.

Pick hair residue out of hot rollers/curlers, then wipe  them clean with a mixture of water and shampoo solution using a micro fiber cloth. 

Other alternatives are either the use of vinegar instead of the shampoo solution or the use of baking soda which easily lift stubborn oil contained in hair products, from curlers. 
Baking soda is a natural abrasive so it will easily remove build-up.

Simply mix some baking soda with a small amount of water, just enough to make a paste. 
Use a washcloth to apply the baking soda paste or for devices plates that bear a lot of hard to remove gump, use a steel wool pad.
Scrub the plates of the heat styling device with the baking soda paste until all build up is gone, then rinse off thoroughly, but be careful not to immerse the tool under water.
Wipe the plates off with a wet washcloth until you have removed all traces of baking soda.
Once the paste is completely clean, make sure to allow the heat styling hair tool to be completely dry before using it again.

To keep your hair dryer free of dust, dirt particles and lint, that can weigh your hair down, clean the device often using a small brush that has soft bristles, a nail brush works wonder and will help  remove dust, dirt  and hair strands from the hair dryers filter.

The filter is located in the back of the hair tool, at the air intake area and is usually accessible from the outside. Ten use a damp micro fiber cloth with lukewarm water to clean the outside of a hair dryer.

Next, run your hair dryer for a minute so it will heat up a little, this will help loosen up any build up that has accumulated. After warming the hair dryer, unplug it. Then wipe all areas of the hair dryer with a warm, wet washcloth, including as far inside the dryer as you can reach. Once all the build-up has been removed, allow the hair dryer time to dry before using it again.

Also use a damp micro fiber cloth with lukewarm water to clean outside of a hair dryer. Clean the vent in the back of the device, when traces of lint are present. If not following this procedure, your dryer will suffocate and it burn out.

Keeping this filter clean will help increase the life of your hair dryer. Not following these easy cleaning steps, will eventually clog the vent of the device and your dryer will suffocate and burn out.

 Maintaining all your heat styling hair tools will help keep the hair of your lace wig looking healthy, shiny and easier to style since you will not be transferring damaging build-ups to it.

Also keeping your heat styling devices clean will increase their life span and therefore will help you saving you money in a long range.

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