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                 What exactly is Weft Hair?

Weft hair is a long strip with hair attached to it that looks like a false eyelash strip.

Weft hair  provide an easy way to weave hair as these hair units can be sawn in, glued or install  with hair clip  in the wearer’s own hair.

Each weft hair has a seam that can be attached with sew on clips, or that can be used as a base to apply hair glue or that can be sawn in, into a client’s own hair.

Weft hairs come in Indian, Brazilian, European and Malaysian hair

Weft hair can be Virgin hair or Remy hair. 

Weft hair is usually sold in packs and per weight. The usual in-stock weft hair weight available is 100g per pack. 

The Hair Textures available for weft hair are: Silky Straight,Yaki ,Body Wave, Deep Wave, Water Wave, Jehry Curl, Spiral Curl,Big CurlsKinky Afro Curl, and Natural wave.

Weft hair is available in all solid hair colors as well as in two tone hair colors or with highlights.

Weft Hair by Hottipsfahion, are 100% human hair guaranteed. There is no synthetic hair or animal wools or mixed materials in the weft hair crafted by Hottipsfashion.

The hair used to craft each one of our wefts, comes from one donor with all curticles intacts (remy hair),intergrated in the hair piece in the same direction to prevent matting or tangling.

Our weft human hair are hand made, one single hair at the time.

The remy  human hair used to craft our weft hair has been thoughroughly disinfected using the latest high tech disinfection processing technology

Our weft hair look natural without any noticeable bumps in their craftmanship.

All man made hair textures have been achieved through an industrial chemical steam perming process, except our weft hair made out of  virgin hair, which have not been treated chemically at all, meaning the hair will revert back to its natural wavy pattern even after an extended period of use.

Our weft hair is very silky and soft. Absolutely Tangle-free.There will be No-Shedding! No fading!

Using our weft hair is an easy, fast and safe method to add beautiful hair extentions to your own hair.


How to care for hair weft

Weft hair (extensions) add length and volume to your current hairstyle.

Weft hair are available in various widths (up to approximately 20 or more inches), and make your own hair appear fuller or/and longer.

Weft hair can be applied in a professional hair salon or at home, usually using a bonding, or clipping, or sewing method.

Once the new hair extensions are installed, one should follow proper hair care and maintenance techniques to keep them looking great using appropriate hair care products without alcohol.

Brush With Care
Before washing weft hair extensions, gently comb your fingers through your hair to remove  possible knots and tangles . Then, gently brush through the hair with a specialized hair extension brush or a soft bristle brush. Avoid yanking or pulling on your weft hair, as this may cause hair to fall out or cause your extensions to become loose.

Don't Over Wash
Hair extensions do not need to be washed every day. Limit washing times to two or three days maximum per week and use a moisturizing shampoo on your hair. Try Pure Care Shampoo and Conditioner. It cleans and conditions, is sulfate-free, and is safe to use on chemically treated hair.

Avoid Heat-Styling Tools
Heat can damage weft hair extensions and cause the hair to become weak and brittle. If you have human hair extensions, you can use heat-styling tools such as straighteners, curling irons, but only the ones with ceramic coating and you should only use these tools when absolutely necessary. Also always mist your hair with a moisturizing heat protectant spray before using any heat-styling tool. Never use heat-styling tools on synthetic hair extensions, as it can damage the hair irereversibly as it will cause it to melt.

Special Considerations
a)- Avoid chemical treatments and dyeing your weft hair extensions. If you want to change your hair color , consider waiting to have your hair dyed until after you have removed your hair extensions. You can then purchase new weft hair extensions in the color you want and take them to your hairstylist who can safely recommend a new overall hair color for your own hair, that will  complement the color of your weft hair extensions.

b)- Use special care when you go swimming at a pool or at the beach. Chlorine and salt water can damage your hair, so it is important to avoid getting your hair wet and to rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming.

c)- Never use any hairspray, hair gel, mousse or cream cointaining alcohol on your weft hair. Always use alcohol free hair products


A routine hair care regimen is vital for proper upkeep of 100% natural human hair wefts.

Remember, the more you take care of your hair extensions, the better you protect your hair, investment and the longer they will last looking beautiful... Ultimately leading to a happier you!

How to wash weft hair 

1. Gently wash each weft hair strip separately. Use a mild shampoo with moisturiser
2. Rinse thoroughly 
3. Saturate hair with nourishing conditioner.Work product gently into hair 5-7 minutes
4. Rinse thoughly with lukewarm water, then remove excess of water by gliding hair strands between thumb and     index finger
5. Lay flat on a towel for 15-20 minutes
6. Brush hair gently with a large bristle brush
7. Hang on clothing line with clothe pins to air dry completely.
8. Store in a dry cool place


                 How to apply weft hair

There are six (6) different weft hair application methods:

-  Attach weft hair using micro rings
 Bond hair wefts using liquid adhesives (hair glue)
 Sew in weft hair onto a braid/cornrow (weave)
-  Use the clips that are pre-attached to weft hair strands (See example below)
Cold fusion
-  Heat fusion 

Sew-in hair extensions:
The sew-in hair extension application also called weaving provides an easy-to-wear, natural look with longevity and versatility for hairstyling. The weft hair is sawn in to the wearer’s own hair which has been braided into cornrows, using a C shaped needle and strong thread.

Clip-in hair extensions:
Clip-in hair extensions are usually composed of a moderate (sometimes large) amount of hair attached to a clip or a comb that can be placed in the wearer’s own hair to add volume, highlights or length.
These types of extensions are not very versatile, but can be removed easily and re-placed multiple times if desired, without damage the natural hair strands.

Heat fusion hair extensions:
In heat fusion application, the weft hair is attached to the wearer’s own hair, using a special hair extension type of bond, typically a wax, glue or keratin adhesive.
NOTE: Wax adhesives can be especially of concern, since wax usually has a low melting point, can be a bit messy and may not withstand normal daily styling, like blow drying and curling. Adhesives in general can also cause a great deal of damage to hair strands

Cold fusion hair extensions:
Cold fusion hair extension application is a popular choice for hair extension wearers.
Cold fusion is an application method that bonds the weft hair to the wearer’s own hair, similar to the way heat fusion does, however, it is bonded using a special ultrasound tool to create the bond.
No heat is used during a cold fusion application, so it is much gentler on the natural hair. Cold fusion hair extensions can last up to six (6) months.

Thin skin weft hair extensions:
Thin skin (polyurethane type material) weft hair extensions come in long, wide sections and are bonded to the wearer’s natural hair using a special hair extension type of tape or liquid adhesives/glues.
These thin skin wefts lay flat against the natural hair. When matched carefully, it is hard to tell them apart from the wearer’s natural hair.
Skin weft hair extensions are relatively easy and quick to apply and are a great choice for do-it-yourself people.

Microbead hair extensions also known as Micro Loop:
Microbead hair extension  application uses of a small metal bead with an inner silicone lining.
The wearer’s natural hair is threaded through the bead, and the bonded end of the hair extension is place inside of the bead alongside the natural hair and a pair of pliers is used to clamp the bead.
With proper care and maintenance, these types of extensions can easily be re-usable over a long period of time.

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