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               What is a Lace Closure?

A Lace Closure also known as Top Closure or  Frontal Lace is a hair piece used either to cover the crown of the head where thinning or balding have occurred and add instant volume or/and length or to close a weave at the top. 

Many who wear sew in or bonded weft hair as weaves, choose to use the lace closures in order to cover the top area of the head, where the hair extensions (tracks, hair weave) is bonded/sawn down.

This area also known as "horseshoe" is the most important part in the hair weaving process as one has to make sure that the front hairline & crown areas are well blended in order to look natural, hence the use of lace closures.

Lace closures/Top closures come in various base sizes, hair lengths and craftsmanship.

There are three(3) basic types of lace closures:
-Mesh Top
-Thin Skin Top
-Silk Top

- The Mesh Top Lace Closures
They are the most common ones, and are crafted with a a mesh base, made either of thin French or Swiss lace, which allows the scalp to breath easily and make them therefore comfortable to wear.

-The Thin Skin Top Lace Closure:

These are the one with a thin skin (polyurethane) base. This very thin rubber like material looks like skin, is very secure if installed properly, however not breathable and therefore not comfortable to wear in warm temperatures.

-The Silk Top Lace Closure:
Come with a silk top over the lace, which makes all the tied hair knots invisible therefore, giving the illusion of hair coming out of the scalp.
NOTE:  Baby hair on a lace closure hairpiece is important, because it will give the appearance of a natural hairline at the front of the head one the hair unit is installed.
Lace closures that are professionally crafted with 100% human hair can be curled, straightened, tongued & washed.
With proper care and maintenance the life span of a lace closure is 6 -12 months.

A lace closure is installed either to add instant hair volume and or length to one’s own hair, or to complete a weave.
 using various techniques.

Lace closure application methods includes weaving with thread and needle or bonding with special liquid or/and tape adhesives.

 Since one of the most important aspect of sporting a weave is to ensure that the overall appearance results look as natural as possible, a lace closure expertly installed the top of the head is necessary once the main weave process is completed.

The first step is to choose the lace closure type that is to be installed (i.e. mesh, thin skin or silk top)

Then to choose the same type of hair texture and hair color as the weft hair used for the weave, or to match it up to the wearer’s own natural hair if no extensions have been used.


Lace Closure Application Guide

– Whether the lace closure to be installed is for a sew-in or a glue-in weave or whether it is to be attached to the wearer’s own hair, tracks (cornrow braids) will be needed in order to fix the hair piece up.
- So proceed to braid a U-shaped area of cornrow braids on the front part the wearer’s head also known as "horseshoe"). In doing so tracks will be created where the lace closure can be installed.

- If installing a weave, complete the hair weaving process by sewing or bonding the hair weft extensions into the tracks/cornrow braids on the rest of the head except the U shaped portion. 

- Clean the skin around the outer edge of the front hairline with rubbing alcohol and let dry.

- Apply a thin line of liquid lace adhesive on the cleaned front hairline portion. Remember that a little bit of liquid adhesive is enough. Let dry until liquid lace adhesive (glue/bond) is tacky to the touch.

- Gently press down the front lace part of the lace closure to the front hairline until it is securely bonded.

- Then use a dark colored sewing thread (matching the lace color or hair color) and C-shaped needle to attach the remaining part of lace closure that is not glued, to the tracks/cornrows located within the U-shaped section and trim excess of lace.

-  Style lace closure and weft hair as desired.

Brush With Care

Before washing a lace closure gently remove hair knots and tangles with your fingers.
Then, gently brush through the lace closure hair with a soft bristle brush or comb it through with a wide tooth comb.
Avoid yanking or pulling on the lace closure, as this may cause hair to fall out or cause hair strands to become loose.

Don't Over Wash

Limit washing to once a week and use a moisturizing shampoo on your hair.
Try Pure Care Shampoo and Conditioner. It cleans and conditions, is sulfate-free, and is safe for using on chemically treated hair.
Also always use a deep penetrating hair conditioner after shampooing and leave it in the hair 5-10minutes before rinsing the hair unit thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Heat can damage lace closures and cause the hair to become weak and brittle. If the hair of the lace closure is a 100% human hair, use only heat styling tools such as straighteners (flat irons), curling irons that bear ceramic plates and hair dryers with ionic technology, however only use these tools sparingly.

Always mist the hair with a heat protectant styling spray before using a heat-styling tool. Never use heat-styling tools on synthetic hair/kanelon, as it will cause it to melt and damage the hair strands irreversibly.

Special Considerations

Avoid chemical treatments and dyeing on the lace closure. Use special care when swimming at a pool or at the beach. Chlorine and salt water will damage the hair, so it is important to rinse the hair of the lace closure thoroughly after swimming.

Do not use any hair products containing alcohol (.i.e ethanol, SD alcohol,SD alcohol 40, alcohol denat, propanol, propyl alcohol and isopropy alcohol)

Only use gels, hair creams, mousses, hairspray, setting lotions that are a 100% alcohol free in order to avoid drying out the hair stands and stripping them from needed moisture and causing breakage and shedding.

A fitting routine hair care regimen is vital for proper upkeep of 100% human hair lace closures. The more you take care of your hair unit, the better you protect your investment... Ultimately leading to a happier you.

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